LEGO® Announces New Theme!

LEGO® announced a new theme today that combines traditional sets with augmented reality (AR) using a cell phone. The new theme, Hidden Side™, will launch with 8 new “haunted” sets ranging from 174 pieces...


Christmas at Kris Kringle

MILUG had a busy weekend at the 4-day Kris Kringle Craft Market November 15-18, 2018. This is our third year at this event which is the largest Christmas fair in the mid-island region. To...


Ninjago City Inspired Metropolis at M-Con 2018

MILUG participated in M-Con, a local gaming and cosplay convention, September 15-16, 2018 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. This was MILUG’s third year taking part in this convention that celebrates everything geek culture....